Parish House Project: an Update

I’m currently working on a number of project components. The largest is data entry from Carleton Zoobooks dating from 1960 through 2000. I’m recording the number of incoming international students for each year and where they each came from. In addition, I’m recording the total number of incoming students (domestic and international). I’ve noticed that later Zoobooks do not include the total number of incoming students, so I’m thinking I may design a small program to scan a select number of lines in each PDF Zoobook that corresponds to the number of incoming students.

I am also preparing to film interviews of the current Language Associates that live in Parish. I’ve gotten confirmation from three of them that they are willing to participate. These video interviews will serve to present Parish as it is now. I’m thinking that I should be able to get pretty good audio and video if I film in a semi sound proof room (e.g. one of the music practice rooms) without any equipment other than my iPhone. I made a vlog in such a setting with a similar setup and the quality turned out quite well. I’m currently drafting a set of questions to ask the LAs.

Finally, I’ve been perusing the Carletonian archives to get a more concrete history. The precise role that Parish played for international student housing and its function as a language house still remains somewhat vague. From research, I know that it specifically housed international students in the past, but it’s unclear if others could live there too, or if international students could live elsewhere. There is a lot of content to look through, so I’m hopefully that I’ll find an answer.

This has been a fascinating deep dive into Parish’s past, and I’m quite excited to see what the LAs have to say about Parish and why they chose to come to Carleton. You can go here to see the group work that my partner Kwaku and I have done.

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